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Entity Framework 4 POCO, Repository and Specification Pattern

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I have been sticked to Entity Framework for quite a while after a long period using the best ORM mapping framework like NHibernate. What I like most from Entity Framework as compared to NHinernate is the built-in support of LINQ to Entities beside POCO and Fluent mapping APIs. The framework has been applied in my current project and it works extremely well. The productivity of the team has been improved significantly from the time we employed an OR/M framework for data accessing. To me, writing SQL code has become obsolete. And you, I think you are wasting customer’s budget if you’re not using an OR/M framework for data accessing  🙂

Here is a series of posts about building a data access layer on top of Entity Framework:



Written by huyrua

December 17, 2010 at 6:33 am

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